Christmas cake bake and decorate

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Make a Christmas cake and decorate with roll-out icing


Cake recipe (simplify to keep costs low)
Baking tins
Roll-out icing
Icing cutters
Icing colouring


This is a two stage activity that we used the week before and during the late afternoon of our Christmas indoor camp

NUT ALLERGY ALERT! This activity involves nuts in raw form and in the marzipan. Those allergic should not take part.

History & recipe for Christmas cake

Meeting night - mix the cake (30 mins)
Go through the traditions of the Christmas cake
Get troop to wash hands then divide into patrols
Ask PL to nominate someone to collect ingredients
All patrol members to weight out ingredients and and take turn with mixing
Put mix into either a square tin OR greased and lined small empty baked bean tin.
A leader will need to take cake mix home and bake.
Once baked, cakes should be removed from tins and divided into portions

Camp Afternoon Activity (45 mins)
Scouts to wash hands before commencing
Each scout to receive one cake portion and sufficient marzipan and white rollout icing to cover.
Once cakes are covered, remaining icing can be mixed with colouring to provide red, yellow, green, blue, black, etc.
Scouts use imagination to make models of Christmas items to adorn their cake with: trees, parcel, snowman, Santa, holly & berries, garlands.
Items may be stuck to cake using small brush and syrup
Once decorated, wrap in cellowrap and attach a gift label.



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