Shadow Puppets

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Cubs will make shadow puppets based on the first meeting of Mowgli and the wolves from Jungle book. We used this as part of a 4 session programme culminating in a shadow puppet show for parents and siblings in session 4,scenery had been made in the previous session. Could easily be simplified for 1 or 2 session activity


Cereal packets, split pins, small canes, pencils, scissors, tape, some images of animals from the story to either trace around or use as reference, Jungle book story/script available at


Cubs choose groups to work in and each group is given an act to work on, they will need to make the shadow characters for their bit from cereal cardboard and tape to the canes. Cubs will also need to work out who will do which bit of their act, working puppets and speaking parts.


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  • jungle book
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  • shadow puppets

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