Cub Centenary Evening

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Cub Centenary Evening - using activities and games taken from the old Wolf Cub programme and updated for today's Cubs




Cub section

Grand Howl
Time: 5 mins

The Grand Howl originated from a scene The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling in 1894. If you do not already do the Grand Howl, why not introduce this to your Pack; it's great as an opening ceremony.

Cub Scouts start the Howl by forming a circle and the leader stands in the middle. The leader then raises their arms until the Cubs are standing alert. The leader lowers their arms and the Pack squats down like wolves and call out: 'Akela, we will do our best!'

The Duty Sixer stands at alert, salutes Akela and says 'Cubs! Do your best!'

The rest of the pack then stands and salutes, saying 'We will do our best!'

Cub tails game
Equipment needed: Scarves
Time: 10 mins

One Cub is chosen to be the ‘big bad tiger’. In Sixes, one Cub Scout puts their scarf down the back of their trousers (as though they have a long tail) and the rest of the Six have to protect their Cub Scout from the big bad tiger. The tiger must grab the tails of the Cubs while they run around.

When the tiger catches a Cub's tail they switch places, until everyone including the tiger gets to be the cub with the tail.

The Jungle Book dance
Equipment needed: Music
Time: 10 mins

Musical chairs with a twist!
The Leader reads out the name of an animal from The Jungle Book and the Beavers will then have to dance to suit the animal. The last Cub that forms the dance is out and has to help the leader with calling out the names of the animals.

Bagheera - sprint
Baloo - walk toe to heel
Haithi - hold one arm in front as trunk and pass other hand between your legs to grasp the 'trunk' behind
Chil - run, arms outstretched to each corner of the room
Kaa - slither on belly
Rama - jump up and down
Banderlog - Hop around the room

The Law and Promise relay game
Equipment needed: Cards with old and new segments of the Scout Law and Promise.
Time: 10 mins

Teach your section the differences between the old and new Promise.

Each young person will start at base (one end of the hall) then run to the other end of the hall in turn to retrieve bits of the Law and Promise (one card each). Once all the team are back at base they have to assemble the cards to make the whole section Law and Promise. First team to do this wins.

Have they made the current promise or the old promise? See if they can tell the difference.

Voting game
Equipment needed: Badge printouts
Time: 10 mins

The leader sets up the hall so that the corners are numbered 1-4: 1 representing 'not interested' and 4 being 'very interested'.

Get your Cubs to choose from old and new activity badges and have them place the sheets in four corners of the room dependent on how much they want to do the badges



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