Salt Dough Santa Decoration

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Make a Santa decoration out of salt dough


For each lodge you will need:
• 1 x mixing bowl
• 1 x rolling pin
• 2 cups plain flour
• 1 cup salt
• 1 cup water
• String
• Red paint
• Paint brushes
• Grease proof paper
• Plate

Leaders need:
• Microwave
• Knife
• Hair spray


Each lodge prepares a batch of salt dough by mixing the flour, salt and water together to form a ball take it in turns to knead the dough until it is smooth and firm, try and knead all of the air bubble out of it. Roll the dough out with a rolling pin until it is about 8mm thick. Press firmly with the rolling pin to expel as much air as possible.

With the heal of their hand near and edge, in turn the Beavers press their hand as hard as they can into the dough so that they leave a hand print. Fingers should be quite close together and thumb out to the side.

Depending on how sharp the knife is, a leader or a Beaver cuts round the outline of the hand leaving about a 5mm gap from the edge of the hand print. Poke a hole though the dough with a pencil in the heel of the hand. Carefully transfer the hand print to the grease proof paper on the plate, scratch initials on back if necessary. Repeat with each Beaver until the plate is full. Microwave the plate on full power for 3-4 minutes. Then leave the dough to stand for 5 minutes as it gets very hot.

While Santa’s are cooking is a good time to break for a game.

When cool, paint the heel of the hand and thumb read to make the hat red and add other decoration either with a black felt tip or thin black paint brush.

Is still a bit soggy return to microwave for 2 minutes/batch.

A quick hair spray gives the Santa a nice shine then tie some string through the hole in the top so the decoration can hang from the tree.


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