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Manhunt, with lemons!


Lemons, Whistles for each leader, plastic (or paper?) cups, woodland


Leaders share lemons between them.
Kids are split into teams with one cup per team.
Leaders go and hide in the woods.
Kids have to first hide their cup, then find leaders.
Leaders are sneaking around, occasionally blowing whistles to help kids find them.
When found, that group is given a lemon, which must be taken back to the cup and somehow broken and squeezed into their cup.
The game ends when the leaders run out of lemons.

A pack of sherbet lemons for the winning team, lemon juice shots for the losers!


  • game
  • Lemon
  • man hunt
  • manhhunt
  • Outdoor activity - Wide Game
  • wide game
  • woodland
  • woodland game

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