Welpen evening

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A Cub Scout evening run as Welpen, the Cub Scout section in the netherlands




Open the evening in the style of welpen cerenomy - see attached document.

Learn to recite the Welpen promise:
I promise to do my best
to be a good Cub Scout
to help everyone where I can
and to live by the Cub Scout law.
You can count on me.

The law is:
A Cub Scout plays together with others in the Jungle
He / She is honest and kind
He / She perseveres
and takes good care of nature.

Now try some of the following activities:

The principles of Scouting in Netherlands are based on the word SCOUT (see document). Get the cubs to create a poster for this word using the dutch words for each letter along with English translation.

Match the Welpen badges to their translations (see badge and translation documents)

Draw one of the Welpen challenge badges (see badge document)

Close the evening in the style of welpen cerenomy

See ww.scouting.nl and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scouting_Nederland for more info.


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