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The Beavers fold paper and use scissors to make snowflakes for decorating the Scout HQ or explaining we are stronger together when putting all snowflakes in the middle touching each other.


White paper, child friendly scissors


Fold the paper, corner to corner, and again, and again. Snip away small sections and unfold to reveal a snowflake. Make as many as required.

Explain that snowflakes are unique and each one is different, each one is stronger when put together and made into a snowball, Snowman or igloo. Like each and every Beaver Scout and every human being, we are all unique and different and together we are stronger.

Place all snowflakes together in the centre touching each other. After showing Beavers what would happen if one Beaver was pushed, make a circle around the snowflakes holding hands and not breaking away, proving we are stronger together.

Beavers read the first 6 lines in Red together and Leaders read the last 4 lines together, showing Beavers we are all stronger together and committed to each other.


  • christmas decorations
  • snow flake
  • stronger together
  • team building
  • winter

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