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A game / activity that teaches what it is like to live with water shortage and how hard people in the third world work to get water


Tokens (paper slips?)
Cream crackers
Nicer biscuits
Nice refreshing drink (enough for all)
Stuff for chosen bases


There are bases distributed around the room, run by leaders. Choose from:
Knots - challenge to tie a knot to win a token. Prize 5 tokens
Tracking - challenge to make a tracking sign to win a token. Prize 5 tokens.
First aid - challenge to explain or demonstrate what to do in some first aid situation. Prize 5 tokens.
Kims game - challenge to overturn two cards of the same. Prize 5 tokens.
Challenge to write promise / law / motto. Prize 10 tokens. - restricted once only
Pushups /situps - challenge to do pushups. Prize 1 token per press up.
Paper boat - challenge to make a boat that will stay afloat with small weight in it. Prize 10 tokens - restricted only once.

Young people are instructed to roam freely between bases, doing challenges to win tokens. Before each base, the entry cost is that they must eat a cream cracker each. As a reward for completing a base they get to choose a nice biscuit to eat each if they wish. No water is available - they must save up tokens to get water at the end.

Any tokens left over at the end get translated to ml of a nice refreshing drink at the end.

The idea is they get thirsty from eating the cream crackers and doing activities but cannot get any water. They have to save their tokens to get water at the end of the evening.


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