CD Campfire

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Create miniature camp-fires from old cd and a few easy to get materials


Old CD
Tissue paper


1.Cover CD with glue and use a paintbrush or your finger to spread the glue out for an even coat.

2.Cover glue area with dirt or sand and tap off excess.

3.Use your finger to push back a little of the dirt from the edges, all the way around the CD, to make room for the rocks.

4.Squeeze out a generous amount of white glue onto the cleared edge of the CD. Press a rock into the glue. Repeat until entire rim of the CD is covered in rocks.

5.If necessary, break sticks into approximately 4 inch pieces. Using white craft clue, build a "fire" with the sticks by laying them down in a teepee formation, gluing as you go. Let everything dry for 2 hours (will not be completely dry, but won't slide around).

6.Tear tissue paper into small pieces, approximately 1" or 2" squares.

7.Place tip of toothpick into the centre (don't poke through) of a piece of red tissue paper. Wrap the tissue paper around the toothpick.

8.Dab some glue on the tip and dip it into the sticks, removing the toothpick once inserted. Repeat around the top of the sticks with several red pieces), and then add a few orange toward the middle, and lastly one or two yellow pieces at the top of the stick mound.

9.Let project dry completely overnight.


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