Balloon Powered Cars

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Make a balloon powered car that can be used again and again. This was first published in Beaver Scout Supplement of the Scouting Magazine October/November 2009.


Colouring pencils
2 paper sticks
1 standard balloon
4 cardboard discs


- Produce a copy of this sheet for each Beaver Scout, the wheels will not work on paper. If possible, produce the sheets on thin card, otherwise you will need cardboard discs for the wheels
- Design and colour the car. Cut out the pieces
- Add glue to the four tabs on the blue blobs shown in the picture
- Fold along the crease lines and join the tabs
- Place paper sticks through the side holes and push a wheel onto each end
- Place a balloon through the hole at the back of the car
- Blow up the balloon, place the car on the floor and let go of the balloon to see the car mov



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