Space game

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Planets placed around the room and kids have to go to the area called or if one of the special commands are called then do that action


Pictures/names of solar systems planets.


Earth goes in the centre of the hall, moon close by. Stick the planets on the walls at various distances in relative order.Divide the Beaver scouts into 4 (lodges) teams , one in each corner of the playing area.
As instructions are called they must run to the planets called.
extra commands:
Meteor Shower - Squat down and cover head
Orbit - Run around the hall (earth) or make a big circle and travel slowly round the room
Lunar landing - pretend to be a lunar lander driving on the moons surface. or crawl on all fours as if you are the lunar rover driving
Moon Walk - take big jumps as if you are walking on the moon
Space Walk - walk slowly about the room


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