Promise Relay

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Relay race in Lodges/Sixes to reassemble pieces of the Promise and or Law


(Depending on number of Lodges/Sixes) 4 x laminated paper copies of Beaver/Cub Scout Promise and Law, cut and separated into words or short sentences. Kept in 4 complete sets in separate envelopes. 1 dice per lodge/six if using the dice method.


Each Six or team to run a relay race, collecting words (or sentences) each one runs in turn to where the pieces of the promise are and they roll a dice, if they get a six they get to take a piece if not they run back & next one has a go. Without dice any other type of relay could be used (running, hopping, obstacle, three legged etc). If it is taking too long to get the pieces you can change it so they get a piece for rolling a 6 or 1 or even no's etc as the game progresses. Beavers/Cubs then re make the sentences to form the correct cub Scout law /Beaver promise. The winning team is the first to collect all words and recreate the sentences correctly.


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