Airplane Wide Game

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Two teams


Print out of the aeroplane parts (see attached file), a container (BUCKET) for Factory, Bucket for where Spies can dump their collected pieces, Long blue rope for boundary, Brown tape,


SET THE SCENE!! - the country is at WAR. World War 3. Brits against... the FRENCH! Games:
Brits have devised a weapon that can win them the war. The Super Plane. Its TOP SECRET.

If French spies get a hold of it, it might mean the end to Great Britain.

The Great British Engineers have made their designs/blueprints of the plane in their secret laboratory (End of top of Field).

They need to get the complete plans to the factory (playground end).

The blueprints are separated into 5 different pieces so that if a French Spy intercepts one, then they don't get the whole plane! See diagram

The pack is split into 2 groups: British Engineers and French Spies.

Engineers are given a Tab of tape each as a 'life' attached to their back. The leader with the tape stays at the 'laboratory' top of the field and gives each engineer a one piece of plane.

The engineers have to coordinate and get their pieces down to the factory.

French Spies can be anywhere in the field except a set distance around 50ft semi-circle by the top end of the field (judged by another leader) and a set distance around a 50ft semi circle around the playground area. (judged by leader with tape).

That way Spies cannot be in the engineers faces at the top, nor guard on top of the factory at the bottom.

Spies can steal a piece of the design by taking the tab off the back of a scout - the Scout has to then hand over the design he was carrying, and has to return to the laboratory for another Tab and design piece.

If a scout makes it to the boundary around the factory, then he has made it and can walk and pop his design into the bucket.

Engineers must cooperate to get the most number of complete planes in the bucket at the end.

Let them reflect on the first game - they may get lots of pieces in but may not make complete planes out of it.

Encourage them to talk to each other and coordinate to succeed. Spies can coordinate their efforts to make a more solid defence. Let Engineers and Spies switch every 15 minutes or so.

Start with two bases separated . One team has to transport parts one part at a time from one base (the aeroplane designers workshop) to the other base (the aeroplane factory) without getting caught by the other team (spies).

The Aeroplane builders can take a part each, and try to make it to the factory, if they are tagged by the spies, they have to give up their part to the spies, the spies keep the parts they have and turn them over at the end of the game.

After a reasonable time (10 - 15mins) the spies and builders swap over.

You only count complete aircraft (5 parts) for their score, so the builders not only have to avoid capture but also communicate which parts they have successfully delivered, so that they can ensure they get as many complete aircraft as possible. Before the spies start their turn as builders ensure they hand over all their captured parts!


  • aviation
  • two teams
  • wide game

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