Crows, Crabs and Cranes

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A game of chase between 2 teams




Draw two goal lines about 20-30m apart. You may want to define sidelines as well.
Split group in half. Each team forms a shoulder to shoulder line facing the other team at midfield, about 2-3m apart.

Name one team the 'Crows'. Name the other team the 'Cranes'.

When the leader yells 'CROWS!', the Crows must run back across their goal line without being tagged by a pursuing Crane. If tagged, the Scout stops and joins the Cranes for the next run.

When 'CRANES!' is yelled, the pursuit is reversed.

When 'CRABS!' is yelled, everyone should stay still - anyone that moves is transferred to the other team.

The game ends when all people are on the same team and either the Crows or Cranes are extinct.


  • chase
  • tag
  • team

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