Pioneer Activity Badge - Lashings

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Pioneering Activity badge work - start to teach/revise lashings, square, diagonal, sheer, sheer leg


Ropes, Ash poles, chairs


Split scouts up into small sections (groups of 2-3 seem to work best) and take them to separate areas of the hall.
Show scouts the finished lashing which they are going to do
Ask if anyone knows how to tie a Clove hitch. If they do ask them to show you, if correct use then to help teach the other scouts.
Pick one lashing and inform scouts what it is used for
show how to tie the lashing, explaining each step
show scouts again, confirming each step
get scouts to copy you tying the lashing, untie and do again.
get Scouts to practice tying the lashing
once confident, pick another lashing and do it again.
Once happy get Scouts to create an A-Frame or Sedan Chair.


  • Knot Tying
  • knots and lashings
  • pioneer

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