Earth hour Lanterns

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Earth Hour 2014: Saturday 29th March, turn the lights off for one hour from 8.30pm. Climate change is the most serious problem we face – changing weather patterns, warming seas and melting ice are devastating for both people and wildlife. Urgent global action is needed if we are to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and safeguard our world. WWF – along with many other non-governmental organisations – has been lobbying for an effective international agreement on climate change.-


Clear sticky tape
Colouring pencils
Felt tip pens


Cut the strip labelled “Cut 1” off along the dotted lines and set it aside to be the lantern handle.
- Write or draw longwise across the paper this will be the outside of the lantern. We suggest starting your message with the words “I vote Earth because...” then fill in the rest with your words or pictures!
- Fold the piece of paper in half lengthwise, along the line labelled “Fold”.
- Make sure you line up the edges. Your writing should be folded on the inside now and the planet picture printed on the paper should be on the outside where you can see it.
- Take the scissors, starting at the folded edge, cut through both layers of paper at the same time up the dotted line labelled “Cut 2”. You should stop cutting when the dotted line stops and you reach the solid line.
- Carefully continue cutting all the other lines labelled “Cut 2” until you have cut all the lines.
- Once all the strips are cut, you should gently unfold the piece of paper and refold it the other direction lengthwise so the lines from the printed paper will be hidden on the inside and your message will be on the outside.
Make sure to press the crease of the fold flat again along all the strips.
- To assemble the lantern, simply roll the paper into a tube shape and tape the top edges together. On the printed paper match side A to side B and tape. Your lantern should look like the picture next to the words MAKE YOUR OWN EARTH HOUR LANTERN (template)
- Finally, using the handle strip make a handle by taping the ends of the strip of paper just inside the lantern to form and arch over the top.
- Hang the lantern up so everyone can see that you vote Earth!
- Put all paper scraps in the recy
Additional Information: For more information and to sign up to Earth Hour 2014 please visit;


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