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Earth Hour 2014: Saturday 29th March, turn the lights off for one hour from 8.30pm.
Climate change is the most serious problem we face – changing weather patterns, warming seas and melting ice are devastating for both people and wildlife. Urgent global action is needed if we are to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and safeguard our world. WWF – along with many other non-governmental organisations – has been lobbying for an effective international agreement on climate


Assorted scrap paper
Clear sticky tape
Coloured paper
Colouring pencils
Felt tip pens
Marker pens
Recycled rubbish such as cardboard boxes and plastic bottles
Pictures of the threatened species


Collect lots of recycled materials such as cardboard, plastic bottles and tubes
- Separate the junk out between the lodges
- Give each lodge a different animal to make from the junk. The threatened species are; Polar Bears, Turtles, Birds, Whale, Panda, Elephants, Tigers and Orang-utan
- It would be helpful to provide the Beavers with a picture of the animal they are making.
- Once they have made the animal, discuss with the Beavers that these animals are getting fewer and fewer due to the change in the weather.
Additional Information: For more information on threatened species visit;

For more information and to sign up to Earth Hour 2010 please visit;


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