Pass Through Paper Challenge

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Everyone knows that a piece of A4 paper is far too small for you to squeeze yourself through without tearing the paper. Or is it? Let's find out.


A4 Paper, Scissors


A great team building, ice breaker activity.

See PDF Attached.

1st attempt without instructions. 2nd attempt with instructions.

1. First, take a sheet of A4 paper and fold it in half so that the short ends meet.
2. Now cut out a rectangle from the center of the paper at the fold.
3. Next, make alternating cuts from the cutout rectangle toward the folded edge, and also from the folded edge toward the cutout rectangle. Do not cut all the way through on any of the cuts, and do not let any of the cuts touch each other.
4. Now unfold the paper, and see how easily you can get yourself through the sheet of paper without ripping or tearing it.
By cutting the paper into a new shape, you are able to stretch it into a form that is large enough for you to fit through. You have just "stepped through" a piece of paper!

Bonus: Which group can pass the most number of Scouts through the paper.


  • Ice breaker
  • team building

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