Polymorph Plastic Modelling

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Making models or useful items with polymorph plastic.
Lots of videos on YouTube for inspiration.

Suggested projects include model animals, human figures, woggles, bracelets etc


Polymorph plastic pellets (aka 'Fantastic Plastic' from Amazon.co.uk)
Source of hot water
Wooden implements (eg lolly sticks or coffee stirrers) to remove the hot plastic from the water.
Scissors or knives for trimming material
Optional extra: Colour Additive for Hand Mouldable Plastic (available on Amazon.co.uk)


See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-2VUNnqzto and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8YfYyBXz2I

Prepare hot water (needs to be 60C)

Give each patrol a basin of hot water (e.g. washing up bowl) - top up with warmer water as necessary to maintain temperature for working with the material.
Give each patrol some wooden sticks for removing the hot material from the water

Issue each Scout with a small quantity of plastic.

You may wish to have some kitchen utensils (e.g. potato masher) or moulds available to make different imprints and shapes.


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