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The Scouts use masking tape and the information given to stick down the layout of an airfield. This is then used to discuss Airfield Safety, and can also be used to play AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL!


A few rolls of masking tape. There is a document available below, which offers some help. Sheets of paper for buildings. Colours.


Scouts to stick the masking tape to the floor, and use paper to fashion buildings. They can use imagination, but need to consider the placement of things according to the surroundings. You could always masking tape a large 'hill' to the wall, and give a cross wind direction too! the masking tape can also be coloured carefully, to add lights and features.


  • aerodrome
  • aeroplanes
  • air traffic control
  • Airfield
  • airfield safety
  • airport
  • basic aviation
  • flight
  • Planes
  • runway

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