Ball and cup

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Tradition toy involving getting a ball attached with a string into a cup


Toilet roll
Tin foil
PVA Glue


Get the Beavers to colour a piece of paper the is just big enough to wrap around a toilet roll
Using PVA glue wrap and stick the paper around the toilet roll
Put a hole using scissors about 25mm from top off toilet roll
Scrunch a piece of newspaper into a ball about the same size of the top of the toilet roll with a piece of string (approx 300mm) left hanging out, cover with the tin foil.
Push the end of the string through the hole you made in the toilet roll and tie in a knot
You should be left with a ball attached via a string to the toilet roll which can be swung and caught on top of the toilet roll (Cup)


  • ball
  • cup
  • Tradition toy

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