Astronomer How Tides Work

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A way of involving Scouts in being Earth, Sea, Moon and Sun to explain the tides


Need at least five Scouts, a length of rope and two different sized balls to represent the Moon and Sun


Watch the you tube clip and replace the biscuit, onion & orange with Scouts

Coil the rope into a circle, Scout stands in the middle & is the Earth holding a small item to represent a person, they then turn slowly to represent the rotation of the earth.

One scout inside the rope, holding it & facing another Scout outside of the rope holding the smaller ball representing the Moon. The Moon moves around the Earth and the Scout holding the rope has to pull a section towards the moon showing the movement of tides, the Earth Scout also moves slightly towards the moon.

Introduce Sun Scout at the opposite end to the moon and change pull on rope and Earth to show the influence of the Sun.

Have Sun, Moon and Earth orbit with the 'Sea Scouts' following the Sun and Moon, Earth Scouts continues to rotate and can see the effects of the Sun & Moon on the tides.

Finally have Sun and Moon Scouts aligning to so a Super high tide on the Earth. If you are feeling clever have the moon Scout in an elliptical orbit (PS make sure they don't think the Sun rotates around the Earth!)


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