Code of Conduct

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Create a Code of Conduct


Pens and Paper
Copy of the Section Promise


How can we help the leaders and other section members to enjoy the meetings?

We're going to make a list of rules just for us on how we will behave when we are at Patrol meetings, so that these sessions are fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Emphasis that this is their rules.

In Training Groups 'Brain storm' what rules they want in place - write down all ideas.
If they are struggling - ask them what behaviour is acceptable or what behaviour is not acceptable - however, turn the later into a positive statement/rule i.e. no name calling could be, Be kind etc.
Operate a control system to allow all to air their views. e.g. circle and only person sat on a chair in the middle can put forward a suggestion or a talking stick / Knecker or other suitable item.

What would be the consequences for breaking the code of conduct? i.e. miss a game, thought time or for more serious would be miss scouts?

Try and get a consensus on the points.

Ask a Scout to say the Scout promise to see if the rules fit into the promise they made as Scouts.

Printable Template:


  • behaviour
  • beliefs and Attitudes
  • code of conduct
  • community
  • promise
  • respect

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