Starship Captain's Coming

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Version of Captain's Coming for a Space Themed Event




YP act on the commands of the leader as below:-

Port - run to the left of the ship (room)
Starboard - run to the right of the ship (room)
Bow - run to the front of the ship (room)
Stern - run to the back of the ship (room)

Warp Engines - run around the ship as fast as you can
Impulse Engines - walk around the room

Starship Captain's Coming - stand at alert
Fleet Admiral's Coming - stand at alert and salute

Jedi Knights - pretend to wield a light sabre
Ewoks - walk around on your knees
To the Escape Pods (with a number) - get into a group of the number called
Brace for Impact - Get on the floor in as small a ball as you can
Beam Me Up Scotty - Stand still and look upwards
Phasers on Stun - Drop to one knee and pretend to fire a phaser


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