Chair Basketball

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Basketball, played while sitting in chairs!


Four orange squishy playground balls
Four buckets


Goal: Get the balls into the baskets.

1. Place masking tape on the floor to split the room into two equal sides. Arrange the chairs into three equal, spaced rows (or as close to being equal as possible). Place a basket on the corners of each side.

2. Ask for one volunteer from each six to be the runner. The Runners will be able to get up from their chairs and pass the ball to their teammates- but cannot pass to the opponent's side. Runners cannot shoot the ball as well.

3. When you say go, each six tries to through the ball into the basket. A basket made from the third row is three points, second row is two points, and first row is one point. The team with the most points after five minutes wins the game.

If you have 4 sixes you will need to run 6 games to run a full league and 3 for a knockout.



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