Pathfinder Hike

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An annual, District, Scout incident hike in the Crawley area, the Pathfinder Hike is roughly 8 miles in length and passes through agricultural land, small villages and woods. Scouts of all ages are invited to take on the distance, the weather and the series of challenges that are dotted along the course.
The winning team in the Competition Class will hold the coveted Pathfinder Trophy and will pass it on to the winners of next year’s competition.




• Teams must be registered and entry fees received by Feb 8th. Cheques made payable to ‘Crawley District Scouts’.
• Entry fee is £3 per hiker.
• All teams must ‘check in’ on arrival accompanied by leaders at the correct ratio.
• Teams must be made up of 4 Scouts, all of whom must be current Scout members. The combined age of the team must be no less than 48.
• Teams of Scouts whose combined age is below 48 must enter the Open Class and must be accompanied by a Leader or YL. The accompanying leader cannot take part in incidents.
• Teams must visit each base in the designated order.
• Teams must not use any navigation equipment other than map and compass, their wits and Scout skills. The use of any electronic technology will incur team disqualification.
• Any use of a mobile phone other than for emergencies will incur team disqualification.
• No small sweets with individual wrappers – they will be confiscated and eaten! A bag of boiled sweets is permitted. Wrappers for chocolate bars must be taken care of and the bins at bases are to be used. Please do not cover our beautiful countryside in litter!
• Any team that drops out of the competition must do so at a base and MUST inform the marshalls on that base that they are stopping. If getting to the next base is impossible then the emergency mobile phone can be used.
• No Scout must leave the Pathfinder Hike without informing a marshall. They must also ensure that the marshall informs Pathfinder Central.
• If you see any Pathfinder signs on route then leave them in situ but follow their instructions.
• The Countryside Code is to be followed at all times.

Teams will all check in at Ifield Court Hotel. Teams will then set off in timed intervals around a route provided on the day. The route has a number of bases along it where there may be incidents to be done and where the grid reference of the next base will be found.
The overall time taken for the hike will be converted into points.
Points can be deducted for; infringements of the Pathfinder Hike rules or the Countryside Code; bad behaviour; excessive noise; littering; lack of teamwork.
Final places will be decided on the number of points a team accrues during the hike, the overall winner being the team with the most points.
The Pathfinder Trophy will be awarded to the winning team from the Competition Class, to be returned a week prior to the following year’s competition.

Accompanying Leaders – Leaders in the Open Class are asked to assist their teams only if necessary. The Open is classed as a training hike for the Competition Hike and as such is a good time to learn by making mistakes.
Base – a compulsory stop on the route that is manned by marshalls. Food, water, first aid, toilets and communications will be provided at a base. At some bases the teams will have to do incidents. Points out of 20 will be awarded at each base.
Check in – Come to Ifield Court Hotel with your whole team, your kit and administration forms.
Compass – A Silva type compass.
Competition Team – Made up of 4 Scouts only with a combined age of 48 or above.
Dead time – The time between entry and exit times. Does not count towards the overall time taken for the hike.
Entry time – The time your team arrives at a base.
Exit time – The time your team leaves a base.
Incident – A compulsory task (puzzle, test, stunt etc) that is carried out by the team (not leaders) at a base.
Marshalls – Scout Leaders or other authorised adults who are manning the bases and watching the route. You will always find them in groups of at least 2 and they will be wearing viz vests.
Open Class team – Made up of 4 younger Scouts (combined age less than 48) and 1 leader. Not eligible for Pathfinder Trophy.
Pathfinder Central – The Start/Finish point and the hub for all communications during the hike.
Personal kit – Compulsory equipment and clothing that must be carried by each team member.
Registration – Fill in the form (attached) and send back/email to organisers before February 8th 2014.
Team kit – Compulsory equipment that must be carried by the team. It can be shared out amongst team members but cannot be carried by the accompanying leaders in the Open Class.
Team name – Your team name must be unique to the competition. You can call yourselves anything you like. Why not have a team flag/badge/hat/mascot etc to make your team memorable?
Team number - On registering the team you will be given a unique team number. The team number must be given whenever a marshall asks for it.

Team kit
• 1 x OS Explorer 134 maps in map cases. If a waterproof ‘Active’ map is used then no case is needed.
• Compass x 1
• 2 Mobile phones – charged and with £5 credit. In separate, sealed, opaque, plastic bags with the number clearly shown on the outside.
• First aid kit – containing a minimum of 75mm x 2m bandage, lint dressing, micropore tape, two triangular slings, waterproof plasters, 5 Compeed blister plasters, 2 antiseptic wipes and a pair of disposable latex gloves.
• 2 whistles
• 2 torches
• 1 spare boot lace
• 1 litre of water
• ‘Emergency’ chocolate bar or Kendal Mint Cake for each team member.
• All of the ingredients required for the team to independently make a hot drink for all four Scout team members and their accompanying leader. Stoves will be supplied.


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