Dartmoor Hike - Sat 8th Feb 2014

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A morning hike across the moors to practice navigation, team work and cooking skills! Starting at Houndtor car-park and finishing at Haytor Visitor Centre car-park.


1) warm clothing (no jeans). I would recommend 2 or 3 lighter layers rather than one heavy jumper or thick fleece. This allows them to take off layers one at a time if they get hot, or vice versa. Also pack a hat and gloves.
2) Day sack with waterproof liner. You can buy purpose built ruck-sack liners which are great, but a heavy duty bin liner will suffice.
3) Stout water repellent shoes / boots with ankle support. No trainers or school shoes, or wellies, with good walking socks.
4) Food and drink for the morning. We'll be walking for 2 - 3 hours. So please pack snacks and a drink.
5) Spare clothing. I would recommend a spare pair of socks and a top / under-layers / spare fleece.
6) Emergency rations. Wrap up some flapjack / biscuits etc. The whole point of this is that the Scouts do not aim to eat this, unless we run into problems and stay out on the moors longer that planned!
7) Plastic whistle on lanyard. These are pretty cheap in Sports Direct / Millets etc I think.
8) Required personal medication
9) Personal hygiene pack. Toilet tissue, hand sanitiser etc. There are no loos on the moors!
10) Last but not least waterproof clothing. Both jackets and trousers.


Saturday 8th Feb 2014
Drop off at Houndtor car-park at 9am. We can try and cordinate lift shares between parents nearer the time.
Pick up at Haytor at 1pm. You can arrive earlier and if you're lucky the Scouts might make you a bacon butty on the stove!


  • cooking on gas
  • Navigation using map skills (introducing the compass)
  • team work
  • walking

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