The Story of St Dwynwen

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This is the telling of the story of St Dwynwen to help give the beavers an idea of the story.


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This is the story of Dwynwen.
She lived a very long, long time ago in Wales. Her father was a very proud king called Brychan Brycheiniog.
He was a very good man and had lots of children . He was always eager that his children were very good and did the right things.
One evening Brychan Brycheiniog held a feast and dance in his court, and all of his children wore their best clothes.
Dwynwen was a beautiful, and kind young lady. She loved to dress up, to meet new people, to listen to the many tales people told, and she had long looked forward to the evening.
That night Dwynwen met a young prince called Maelon Dafrodill.
They fell in love immediately and wanted to get married and live happily ever after.
In the days that followed the dance Dwynwen was always thinking of Maelon and how much she loved him.
Sad to say, Brychan Brycheiniog did not like Maelon and called Dwynwen to him saying "I do not approve of this marriage, so you must not think of this man.”
Dwynwen was very sad but she was a good and faithful daughter and knew she had to do what her father told her.
She went to see Maelon and told him what her father had said.
“Run away with me," Maelon begged her. "We love each other. Surely that is enough."

But Dwynwen said "I cannot do that“.

Maelon was very hurt and angry and told Dwynwen to go away and that he hated her.
Dwynwen did not understand how someone who had loved her could now be so nasty to her.
She ran to the woods, where she hoped she might find help.
There, in the hush of the forest, Dwynwen prayed to God to make her feel better. In the quiet and dark she lay down on the chilly ground and fell into a deep, soundless sleep.
In her sleep, Dwynwen dreamed of an angel who came to her and offered her a sweet, soothing potion. The moment Dwynwen swallowed it she felt better. All her sadness vanished.
She knew that she must help Maelon to feel better as well so she gave him the same potion.
To her horror, instead of making him better, the potion turned Maelon into a statue of ice.
Dwynwen was very upset that Maelon could not move or speak so she prayed again and the angel reappeared.
"I will grant you three wishes," said the angel.
The first wish was easy.
She wished for Maelon to melt, and so he did.
Second she wished she would never marry so she would never again love somebody so much that it hurt.
Then she thought of all the people whose hearts had hurt just as hers had.
So her third wish was that everyone would find some happiness and love.
When Dwynwen awoke in the forest later that day, she knew this was no dream.
From that day on, Dwynwen devoted her life to God.
One day, as she was sailing around the coast of Wales, she happened to land on the island of Llanddwyn, and it was there she built a church. Many people with broken and aching hearts joined her there.
Ever since that time, thousands of people have visited this site each year on Dwynwen's day.
They pray to her and ask her to watch over hearts that have been broken, to heal the weak, and to help all those in need of Dwynwen's strength and selflessness.
Also situated on the island is Dwynwen's well, where, allegedly, a sacred fish swims, whose movements predict the future fortunes and relationships of various couples. Visitors to the well believe that if the water boils while they are present, then love and good luck will surely follow.
This legend tells us why St. Dwynwen is the Welsh saint of love.


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