Catch the Carbon Dioxide

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Game for two teams of Beavers /cubs helping them to understand the importance of trees.




1. Split the Colony /Pack into two teams. One team are trees and the other are carbon dioxide molecules. There should be more carbon dioxide molecules than there are trees.

2. Spread the trees around the playing area. They can't move from the spot they have chosen but can wave their arms (branches) around. The carbon dioxide molecules are trying to get from one side of the playing area to the other.

3. As the carbon dioxide molecules cross the playing area, if they are touched by one of the trees they become a tree as well.

4. Continue until nearly all the carbon dioxide molecules are caught, then stop the game and announce that humans have discovered this forest and want to chop the trees down to grow crops. The trees get burnt and the carbon dioxide is released. Choose three quarters of the trees to become carbon dioxide molecules and the game continues. After a while the land becomes useless for growing crops so they decide to build a town there instead. In the town there are lots of cars and factories which burn fuel and release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Choose half the remaining trees and turn them into carbon dioxide molecules.

5. The scenario can be changed so that some Cubs / beavers come along and plant trees, so some of the carbon dioxide molecules turn into trees.

6. At the end of the game you may want to chat with the Cubs/beavers about the greenhouse effect and what they can do to help reduce it.


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