Indian Poker

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Leadership Game:This game can be played by anyone really, usually 6-10 people is a good number but adaptions are available. It helps lighten the environment and make people engage and have fun a little more.


Pack of Cards


1. Make your group sit in a circle and deal a single card to each of the group.
2. The individual MUST NOT look at their own card but instead flip it onto their forehead facing outwards so that everyone else can see.
3. Each person has one opportunity to switch their card. Of course they can't see their own card so one-by-one each person asks the team whether they should switch or not.
4. If they choose to switch then they must put the card in the pile and pick another and do it again.
5. The person with the lowest card (Ace is high) gets eliminated from the game at the end of one round.
6. Do this until there is only two people left and then whoever wins the last round wins the game.

You can change up the rules if you want to make it more difficult or fun but this is the basic version. At the end of the day it's meant just as a fun game and can create a lot of laughter when people have low cards or switch out a really high card.


  • Ice breaker
  • leadership
  • poker
  • team building

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