Forms of Communication

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Explore different methods of Communication




Coming In Games: Telephone Wordsearch and Smoke-Signals Colouring Picture

After Riverbanks, discuss with the Beavers different forms of Communication: Talking / Writing / Radio / TV / Newspapers / Email, Internet / Phones, Text, Walkie-Talkies / Books / Sign language / Smoke-signals / flag signals / morse code / etc.

Split the Beavers into 4 groups and circulate round the following bases:

(1) Morse Code: Use the attached alphabet and get the Beavers to write their names in morse code. Explain where morse code came from / how it was used (Wikipedia is your friend!)

(2) Semaphore Flags: Print 2 copies of the attached alphabet. Explain how/why this was used (ship-to-ship communications, before radios, etc.). Stand one side of the hall and send a message to the Beavers on the other side of the hall (I find they need a Young Leader to help them translate at first, but they quickly get better). You don't need actual flags; any brighly coloured object works - e.g. rubber ball.

(3) Tin-Can Telephone: The internet will tell you how to make these (they work very well with tin cans and fishing line - don't use paper cups!). Make up a few phones beforehand. Ask the Beavers to guess what might happen! Then explain to the Beavers how the "mechanism" works: Vibrations from your voice make the 1st can vibrate. Vibrations travel down string into the second can.

(4) Makaton or BSL: Get an appropriate book or flashcard and teach the Beavers how to make the Beaver Promise.

Each base should last around 5 minutes.

Music is another form of communication, so the evening can be finished off nicely using the "Paint a Tune" activity that you can find on OSM.

At the end of the evening, talk for a few minutes about what we learned, and ask the Beavers to say what they thought the most interesting bits were!


  • communication
  • Makaton
  • morse code
  • semaphore
  • tin can

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