Cup Shooter

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Make shooter out of a cup, to fire ball harmlessly across the room.


Cheap plastic cups (2 per person)
Good quality balloons (1 per person)
Fluffy colourful craft balls


HOW TO MAKE SHOOTER: (5-10 minutes)
1. Cut the bottom out of the plastic cups (I did this beforehand, so that they were ready for the Beavers)
2. Sellotape 2 plastic cups together
3. Get the balloon and knot one end, the other end you then trim off.
4. Fit the cut end of the balloon over the top of the cup, so it fits tight over the rim.

These are now ready to play with.

HOW TO USE: (My Beavers played with them for a good 15 minutes, firing them at each other!!)
1. Drop the craft ball into the cup.
2. Hold the cup round the rim with one hand and pull back the neck of the balloon with the other and let go.


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