Coloured Salt Jars

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Colour salt in small quantities by rubbing with chalk and add to jars for a layered effect


Small Glass jars (with lids), coloured chalk, salt & paper


Give each beaver a peace of paper, a jar, a small amount of salt on the paper and different coloured chalks, they rub the salt on the paper with the chalk. the harder/longer they rub the stronger the colour. then pick up the paper and tip the salt into the jar. then turn the jar and repeat the salt colouring with new salt and a different coloured chalk and tip into jar. This looks best if you do not even out the salt but leave it slanted and then if you turn the jar between each layer you get lots of different and interesting angled layers. Once the jar is filled screw on the lid. salt will go hard in about a week but tell the beavers not to shake the jar or all the salt will mix together and just look brown!


  • chalk
  • jars
  • mothers day
  • salt

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