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This traditional Chinese game is also known as "Select Fruit". It makes a fun party game for all ages of children.


You will need:

A blindfold
A good amount of space


Divide the children into two teams and stand them on opposite sides of the room (or in two lines facing each other, outdoors).

Blindfold one member of one team and stand them just in front of their other team members.

Now one member of the other team must cross the room quietly and touch the blindfolded child, trying to keep their identity secret, then return to their place. That team can then shuffle themselves up, if they wish, to confuse the blindfolded child.

The blindfold is taken off and that child can than go over to the other team and try anything they can to make the guilty child stand out, perhaps by giggling or just looking guilty! After a few moments they make a guess. If they are right, the guilty child goes back with them to join the other team. If they are wrong, the blindfolded child stays where they are and joins that team.


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