World Badge Collage

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The Cubs make a collage of the World Scout Badge using coloured tissue paper.


5 pieces of white card (A4), PVA glue, tissue paper - lots of !!!!


Each six is given a piece of card with a quarter of the world badge sketched on it, the cubs then stick screwed up pieces of tissue paper of either purple or white to build the World Badge. The 5th six make up the words "Cubs Do Our Best". Once all the sections are complete, the 5 pieces are then joined together to make a complete World Badge, the finished item is then put on the wall above the Cub Board in the Cub Hut.
Whilst the cubs are doing the sticking, they can be talking about why the badge is what it is. The 3 points of the Fleur De Lis, the Encircling Rope, the Reef Knot, the Bond and the two 5 point stars. Why the colours were chosen.


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