The Bomb

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The Beavers or Cubs are in a circle with the person with The Bomb is in the middle. The Bomb is swung around and the Beavers and Cubs need to jump the bomb when it comes around to them. If the bomb gets tangled around legs then that person is out. The Bomb must be swung low (touching the ground if possible) and with a steady turn (not fast). Change direction if necessary as person spinning the bomb will get dizzy. Last one in is the winner.


The Bomb - Sock stuffed with soft material like tights then tied to a length of rope.


Swing the bomb around and the Beavers/Cubs need to jump. If the Bomb gets tangled around legs or there is a miss judged jump then this person is out. Please remember to change direction as you can get very dizzy. Last person in is the winner.



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