Make your own TV show

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Put together and film a short TV sketch


Camera to film scene, props to aid scene, all optional.


Chose a genre of TV show eg, news, cartoon, soap opera, talent show, documentary

Pick characters for your show. For example:

A news show could have two anchors, a weatherman, a reporter in the field with two people to interview
A cartoon could have various farm yard animals talking about what it's like down on the farm

Get the beavers to chose characters and then make up a scene which will only last a few minutes. Think of a story which involves all the characters and get them to think about what their characters would say or do. Make sure the Beavers think about where their camera/audience would be.

Practice a short scene - if the beavers are struggling to know what to say try and keep it simple, "Hi, I'm Donald the duck and I'm happy today because my friends are coming to see me" one sentence each will be enough. They can always do more if they are more confident.

If they don't want to speak try and think of an activity they could mime in the background.

**** health warning - leaders may have to take on most of the talking and get the beavers to react to them rather than expect them to remember it all *****

It may help to have a theme to guide the beavers, which could be tied in with other badges/topics within the colony, for example make a TV show about recycling

Perform your show to the rest of group. (This activity could also be filmed)



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