Founders Day Scout Challenge

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This Challenge is a string of simple and quick activities to test Scouts for some of the basic skills and knowledge that they should know or help to demonstrate and teach others working on the basis of Patrols working as teams with points awarded for each challenge activity completed and the winning Patrol has the most points at the end. This will require the Patrol to draw upon the skills of the Patrol as a whole and to work successfully together to gain the most points in each activity.


First Aid - Bandages for demonstrating arm sling
A4 Paper and Colour Pens - for drawing a map of your local area identifying all relevant landmarks and points of interest
Fire Lighting - Fire Lighting Materials to demonstrate basic fire building skills and successful lighting (alternative could be to use a Kelly kettle and the quickest Patrol to boil the Kelly kettle full of water)
Scout Promise & Law Quiz Sheet
Founders Day Quiz Sheet
Local Area Map and Compass with Local Map grid points to identify key map symbols (see Map sheet)
Patrol Tent Challenge - Either get the Patrol to put up and take down a Patrol Tent, weather depending or draw and write out the sequence on a piece of paper (this could be written out first by Leaders and they have to put them in the right order if you are short on time)
Union Jack Flag Challenge - Draw a Union Jack Flag and colour it in.
Cross the imaginary gorge - Draw two lines on the floor, pick and provide various benches, chairs, general objects that the Patrol can use to cross the gorge as a Patrol without putting a foot down between the two lines, only objects can touch the floor in between the two lines and all the objects have to cross to the other side with the Patrol, nothing can get left behind.


The idea is to run this in Patrols with Leaders based at each Challenge Point, depending on how many challenges you choose to include. The emphasis is on Patrol Team work and with a small amount of preparation before hand, this can be made into relatively quick 5-10 minute challenges that will see the whole Patrol working together, sharing knowledge and learning new skills relevant to the basics of Scouting and what Baden Powell intended Scouting to be about.

Award points to each Challenge and the winning Patrol is the Patrol that has the most points at the end. Safety is key throughout all the challenges and points can be added or taken away by Leaders relating to team work and safety Speed is also the factor here as the idea is to keep the Patrols moving through the challenges within the time slot and if they have not done it in the allotted time, then they must move on and points are awarded as to how they have done up to that point. This will increase the need for team work and less arguing and more doing. Natural leaders will shine through and the skill set of Patrols can be easily seen. The challenges here can be endless, just slot in a new one when you think of it or if there is an area that you have focused in your program that you would like to test.


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