Helping at Home

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Learn how to do some helpful tasks at home


Various, as described in each base below!


Discuss with the Beavers about why it is good to help out at home, etc. Discuss how the following are good things to do at home, or perhaps when visiting Grandparents, elderly relatives, etc.

Divide the Beavers into 4 groups, and rotate them around the following 4 bases (approx 5 mins each):

1. Washing Up
Get them to do a bit of washing up - plate, cutlery, bowl, cup, saucepan. Discuss hot/warm water (why needed), amount of washing up liquid to use, etc. Get them to dry up when finished if you have time.

2. Peeling Veg
Bring in a bag of cheap carrots, and a few good peelers, and get the Beavers to have a go.

3. Lay the Table
Explain how to properly lay a place setting: table mat, cutlery, side plate, cup, napkin. Ensure you have enough of everything for each Beaver to have a practice.

4. Make a Cup of Tea
Using a kettle (take care here), with mug, saucer, tea bag, milk, spoon, sugar, get each Beaver to make a cup of tea. Emphasise the need to be careful with the kettle!

It is surprising how many Beavers have never done any of these tasks at home themselves!


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