Cash and Grab

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Running, money-grab game of chance and speed.


4 x dice
Printed "bank notes": Denominations of £5 and £10 (at least £500 in face value)


Split cubs into four teams of 5 or 6.
Arrange each team in lines around a centre circle.
Lay "bank notes" in centre of circle face down.

On the blow of a whistle, the first cub in each six rolls a dice for the opportunity to grab "money" from the centre. If the cub rolls a 1,2 or 3 then they have to run around the circle, 1,2,or 3 times and can then collect a "bank note" from the centre and return to the back of their team (bank notes are upside down so cubs can't tell the denomination). If the cub rolls any other number then they miss a turn and the next cub has a go. When the cub has completed their run and returned with a "bank note", the next cub can roll the dice and if lucky enough to roll 1,2,or 3 can do their run and collect the a "bank note".

The first team to collect £100 wins the game and should sit quietly with both hands in the air to signify the end of the game. Second and third teams can be judged based on the most money collected.

The cubs will keep rolling the dice and running until one team has met the winning conditions, even if this means some cubs have more than one go.



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