Presentation on structure of scouting

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In teams five mins to use collected info to produce a flow diagram of scouting from national to local level


Collected information from explorers themselves with sources as to give credit and not plagiarise. Flip chart paper, marker pens


In teams the explorers produce a flow diagram detailing the structure of scouting from National HQ to regional and to group level in five minutes. This sounds easy but to get them to focus and work as an effective team will take some groups five minutes alone! They should include names where possible, which should be at all levels really, all this can be found easily on internet. Give them the added challenge of deciding who they think is most important! and why! Added challenges can be given in presenting the information. I always suggest every group member must speak and teams must add more information to the flowchart and not just read it. Keep it quick fire with presentations too, five mins max, award points for closest to brief.



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