easter egg rolling

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Cubs roll cream eggs nearest to the target to win prize


rabbit or very large teddy Easter egg as prize and an egg for each cub to roll


the cubs are all given a Cadbury cream egg and a white label. They decorate the label and put their name on it. A scoring area is marked out on the hall floor - similar to that in curling can be used or lines of masking tape as in the case of a shove halfpenny board. We use a big fat Rabbit teddy as our main target set in the middle of the area. Cubs are spread out around the target area and take it in turns to try to roll their egg nearest to the rabbit. of course the eggs aren't round and spin and roll in all directions so this can be tricky. they all have one practice roll then they start the challenge. The cub closet to the rabbit wins an easter egg. and of course all cubs go home as winners with the egg they were rolling.



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