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Pirate's Treasure (lockpick variation)

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Padlock, item to lock in padlock


In lodges, get beavers to stand in a wide circle. 1 person is randomly selected to sit in the middle of the circle with an item of choice locked in a padlock. Leader nominates a lodge and a member of that lodge to grab the locked item from behind the beaver in the middle of the circle. The person holding the padlock must either unlock the item themselves, or pass it to another member of their lodge so they can do it. Members of that lodge are allowed to help their team mate unlock the item. If the person in the middle of the circle tags the person holding the padlock (this does not apply to lodge members not holding the padlock), that person must give the padlock to a team mate and then sit down. If the person holding the padlock is the last member of their lodge left, that round is over and everyone goes back into the circle. The aim is for the lodge to unlock the item before all of their members are tagged. The other lodges can help the person in the middle of the circle as long as they don't touch the person with the padlock or any of their team mates (i.e. by forming a circle round them, telling the person in the middle who has the padlock if they're not sure).


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