Patrol/Six/Lodge organisation

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Organise your subsections (patrol/six/lodge) with name badges attached to old karate belts (Sticking to "patrol" for the rest of the description.


old karate belts, patrol badges, conference badges, heavy duty scissors, sewing kit, brass ring eyelet kit, hooks, hammer, pens


Get the young people to make identity badges, one for each member of the section, each including patrol name and perhaps with APL or PL annotation. Use one strip from an old karate belt of an appropriate length (1 metre?) per patrol (and one for the leadership team if you want). Sew a patrol badge onto either or both ends; similarly PL and APL stripes in appropriate positions. Put an eyelet through one end. Fix up some hooks in your HQ. Clip the conference badges to the karate belt strip. On nights when there's a new leader or young person joining (and on other nights too if you wish), get the PLs to hand out the badges at inspection for wearing for at least part of the meeting. You can roll up the belts and take them to off-site section nights if appropriate. -- probably a good activity to have in association with a PL council.


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