Mountain Rescue Scenario

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The Scouts take on the role of a local mountain rescue team. Scouts will be using their navigation skills, 1st Aid skills and basic climbing knowledge to rescue injured climbers.


Map, Compass, Casualties (In this case boxes with printed text of casualties details and injuries), Abseil Rope, Slings, Belay device, Harnesses


The Scouts are to report to the HQ in outdoor clothes and rucsacs with snacks & drinks. Scouts are fitted with hi-viz and have the scenario explained. You are part of the Southdowns National Trust Mountain Rescue Team. Scouts are bundled into the minibus and taken to hills. Scouts explained full scenario and have radio message readout. 10 minutes to explain that 5 climbers are lost and stranded with multiple injuries. Scouts use their skills to pinpoint where in the area the rock face that they have fallen from ( in this case the shallow chalkpit edge approx. 1 mile away). Hike to the cliff edge 40 minutes. At top of cliff edge set up abseil with Scouts explaining how and why you would do this for safety reasons, 10 minutes. In pairs lower off edge (in this case approx. 30 degrees), rest of Troop to belay. At base of edge Scouts to unclip (supervising leaders at base) and search for casualties, once found explain how you would treat and treat the other team member as casualty. To filter all of the Troop through should take approx. 30 minutes. Minibus home.


  • 1st Aid
  • Climbing
  • Outdoors

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