The Cat in the Hat Marshmallow Hat Pops

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Making Hat pops using marshmallows and fruit laces/red sweet strips of some kind


Pop sticks, white marshmallows, red sweetie laces etc


3 marshmallows per cub and one stick, insert the stick through the centre of 2 of the marshmallows lengthways, flotten the 3rd marshmallow into a disc shape and push this up under the other 2 mallows to make the brim of the hat. Cut the fruit strip or alternative and wrap a couple of stripes around the hat including where the mallows meet so to cover the join. The fruit stuff should stick to itself and the mallow enough without any additional sticky stuff but you could use frosting, icing, sugar glue or a dab of water if needed to help it stick. You can lay fruit stripp across the top of the hat to finish if you wish but it looks great without anyway.


  • Cat in the Hat
  • Dr Seuss
  • marshmallows

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