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To get the Cubs to think about the simple things that they may take for granted.


A can of coke
Bottle of coke
Chocolate bar (large)
Table and chairs


Split the cubs into groups. One group needs to be sized 5, no more and the others you can split up equally. Give the group of 5 the bottle of coke, chocolate bar whilst they are sitting at a table and make sure there is plenty left over. Make sure your larger group are given a cup of water and the crackers, say 5 crackers and sit them on the floor. Another group can be given some chairs to sit on, chunks of cheese, bread and a can of coke.
Tell the cubs to share out the food and drink that they have. The idea is that the Cubs realise that other people are given much more food/resources than they need, while others go hungry in many areas. This should make them think about what they can do as an individual to give to the needy and/or not waste things.


  • Poor
  • reflection
  • Thinking of others

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