Peruvian Games evening

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Variety of games linked to peru.


World map version of Twister, Chalk, Bottle tops. Picture of a Lama and seprate tail, Map of south america unlabled and Mini peruvian flag.Blinfolds Throwing target -with Frog attached


Beavers rotate round the different games.
Sapo- a target game with a frog target points given depending on what zone they hit.
World version of twister so the Beavers can learn where south America is.
Blind folded game pin the tail on the Lama.
Map of south America with mini peruvian flags - put the mini flag on peru

La Olla- throwing game with Bottle tops. Eye drawn on the ground children are given different coloured plastic tops one each is thrown into the eye (one colour for each child.) take it in turns to try and knock the tops out of the eye by using tops any they knock out they get to keep. winner is the one with the most tops. when all tops been knocke out of the eye.



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