Know about the Cub Scout Pack and Joining

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Beavers spend a night with a Cub Scout Pack, to learn about whats involved and how to join


Uniform, register


Cub Leader prepares several tables with different team activities, such as elastic band target practice, quoits etc. Beavers join several teams of cubs and team up, taking part in each activity - scores are added up for each team, and allocated by a leader who is manning each activity. The Beavers also witness the Beaver opening and closing ceremony.


  • beaver games
  • Game,
  • Indoor ball games
  • Learn About Cubs
  • Learning new game
  • team building
  • teamwork

Badge Links

  • Fitness - Agility
  • Fitness - Cooperative
  • Fitness - Team Game
  • Friendship - Visit
  • Moving On - Attend Cubs
  • Moving On - Cub Promise, Law, etc.
  • Moving On - Renew the promise