Damper Bread in a Billy Can

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Bake a Damper Loaf in a Billy Can


1 large Billy Can and the lid of a smaller one to fit inside the other with room around the side.
mixing bowl.
3 small stones to raise small billy can lid from the bottom of the larger one.
knife (to score loaf).
250g Self Raising Flour.
1/2 teaspoon Salt.
25g unsalted butter chilled.
175ml Milk.
hot embers.


Light a fire so when have finised mixing your loaf you have a bed of hot embers. (i'll do this when we do other backards cooking ie pit oven so would use those hot embers)
now mix the salt with the flour.
add the butter and rub in to resemble bread crumbs.
add most of the milk and mix to a soft but not sticky dough (safe some milk for rubbing over the dough before cooking).
shape into a smooth ball and then press down slightly, using the knife put a deep x cut in the top and rub over some of the left over milk.
Add some flour to small lid and put your dough on top of the flour, this will prevent it from sticking to the lid and burning.
place the small stones in the bottom of the larger billy can and place the smaller lid on top. Put the lid on the larger billy can
Place the larger billy can, with the smaller one still inside, directly onto the hot embers and then using a stick spread some up the sides of the larger billy can.
leave for 1 hour (i tend to look after 3/4 of an hour as it depends on how hot your embers are)
turn out of your billy can and enjoy with jams


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